Simpson and Ward specialise in sourcing whole whitefish for customers in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

Our buying team purchase fish daily from the Shetland auction.

In 2015 307,870 boxes or 14,000 tonnes of whitefish were landed in Shetland.

Our location in the heart of the fishing grounds means that most Shetland fishing boats make short trips to sea, typically 1 to 5 days with a mix of seine and trawl vessels. This facilitates fish of exceptional quality and freshness.

We access a mixed fishery in Shetland with the most common species being Haddock, Cod, Megrim, Monkfish, Coley, Ling, Whiting and Plaice. Common but with smaller quantities are: Halibut, Skate, Catfish, Pollock, Hake, Eels, John Dory, Lemon Sole, Squid, Turbot and Witches.

The Shetland fishing area is FAO zone 27 iva, Northern North Sea.

Full traceability is provided as routine.

Each morning we email our customers a detailed breakdown of species available for sale, broken down by grade and tonnage. To request a copy, email us.

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Prices below are broad indications of on-the-market rates across various grades so are intended for very rough guidance only. Please click on the Fish Price for more information on each species.

Latest Products News:


per kg


Latin Name: Gadus Morhua
French Name Cabillaud
Shetland Name: Purr / Scots Willie, Stukie, Grodningar (terms now out of use)
Catalogue Code: COD
Annual Tonnage Landed: 2507
Price Guide: 1.80-2.20


per kg


Latin Name: Melanogrammus Aeglefinus
French Name Eglefin
Shetland Name: Hoissan, Kjarnik (terms now out of use)
Catalogue Code: HADD
Annual Tonnage Landed: 4309
Price Guide: 1.75-3.40


per kg


Latin Name: Hippoglossus
French Name Fletan
Shetland Name: Laager
Catalogue Code: HAL
Annual Tonnage Landed: 2
Price Guide: 7-13.00


per kg


Latin Name: Anarhichas Lupus
French Name Loup de Mer
Shetland Name: Stanebiter
Catalogue Code: CAT
Annual Tonnage Landed: 35
Price Guide: 1.60-1.80


per kg


Latin Name: Pollachius Virens
French Name Lieu Noir
Shetland Name: Piltock, Sillock (young fish) / Seid
Catalogue Code: SAI
Annual Tonnage Landed: 1142
Price Guide: 0.82-1.20


per kg


Latin Name: Molva Molva
French Name Julienne / Lingue
Shetland Name: Olak
Catalogue Code: LING
Annual Tonnage Landed: 598
Price Guide: 0.83-1.00


per kg


Latin Name: Lepidorhombus Whiffiagonis
French Name Cardine
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: MEG
Annual Tonnage Landed: 442
Price Guide:


per kg


Latin Name: Lophius Piscatorius
French Name Lotte
Shetland Name: Maisgoom / Great Plucker
Catalogue Code: MONK
Annual Tonnage Landed: 1039
Price Guide: 3.07-3.20 for size 3 currently, 2.90 area for size 4


per kg


Latin Name: Pleuronectes Platessa
French Name Plie
Shetland Name: Flook
Catalogue Code: PLA
Annual Tonnage Landed: 405
Price Guide: 0.72-1.75


per kg


Latin Name: Merlangius Merlangus
French Name Merlan
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: WHIT
Annual Tonnage Landed: 2147
Price Guide:
Remarks: A Shetland staple. Making very high prices just now due to low supply in Haddocks.


per kg


Latin Name: Pollachius
French Name Lieu Jaune
Shetland Name: Lyrie
Catalogue Code: LYTH
Annual Tonnage Landed: 81
Price Guide: 1.80-2.60


per kg


Latin Name: Scomber Scrombus
French Name Maquuereau
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: MACK
Annual Tonnage Landed: 194
Price Guide:
Remarks: Line caught fish, high quality, available typically June-September


per kg


Latin Name: Chelidonichthys Cuculus
French Name Grondin Rouge
Shetland Name: Krunter
Catalogue Code: GUR
Annual Tonnage Landed: 28
Price Guide: 0.20-1.20
Remarks: Both Red and Grey are landed


per kg


Latin Name: Merlucius
French Name Merlu
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: HAKE
Annual Tonnage Landed: 294
Price Guide: 1-2.00-3.00 sometimes 4.00 plus for larger sizes


per kg


Latin Name: Brosme
French Name Brosme
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: TUSK
Annual Tonnage Landed: 18
Price Guide: 1-1.20


per kg

Lemon Sole

Latin Name: Microstomus Kitt
French Name Limande Sole
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: LEM
Annual Tonnage Landed: 185
Price Guide: 4.10-6.00 typically


per kg

Skate Roker

Latin Name: Raja Clavata
French Name Raie Boucee
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: SKR
Annual Tonnage Landed: 197 (all skate)
Price Guide:


per kg

Skate Spotty

Latin Name: Raja Montagui
French Name Raie Douce
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: SKS
Annual Tonnage Landed: 197 (all skate)
Price Guide: 1.75-2.25


per kg


Latin Name: Scophthalmus Maximus
French Name Turbot
Shetland Name: Baldin
Catalogue Code: TUR
Annual Tonnage Landed: 8
Price Guide: 10-12.00 typically,
Remarks: A species in short supply


per kg

Skate Flowery

Latin Name: Leucoraja Naevus
French Name Raie Fleurie
Shetland Name: Floorie
Catalogue Code: SK
Annual Tonnage Landed: 197 (all skate)
Price Guide: 1-1.40
Remarks: Size usually in range of 1-1.2kg fish


per kg


Latin Name: Glyptocephalus Cynoglossus
French Name Limande Gauche
Shetland Name:
Catalogue Code: WTS
Annual Tonnage Landed: 34
Price Guide: 1.70-2.70 highly dependent on size
Remarks: Very good quality available but most Shetland boats do not grade


per kg


Latin Name: Teuthida
French Name Encornet
Shetland Name: Skeetack
Catalogue Code: SQ
Annual Tonnage Landed: 108
Price Guide: 8-9.00, very high at present due to mainland shortages
Remarks: Some exceptional quality available along with trawled examples