Our buying team is at the market at 06:00 each morning to view the fish for sale. The morning catalogue is typically emailed out about 06:40 and we commence phone calls following customer receipt.

Simpson and Ward buy fish to customer order and specification.

Fish is sold vessel to vessel and therefore it can take quite some time to work through and sell the various species caught by each boat.

The auction is a ‘Dutch’ style with the price starting high and cascading down. The first to press the button secures his desired share of the fish. The auction is dynamic and highly competitive. Do not be fooled by our remote location, Shetland is at the very sharpest end of the fishing industry. Every major seafood company will have a ‘weather eye’ on Shetland such is its importance in the industry.

Following the end of the sale, we arrange palletisation and icing of the fish and then commence invoicing, administration and transport documentation.

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